Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pete Liakakis: Please Stop Playing Politics With Public Safety

Tomorrow it starts (8/29/08). I have decided to run a series of large ads in the Savannah Morning News to help explain the need for better public policy. There is no doubt that Pete Liakakis is standing in the way of better public policy and tomorrows ad will  explain how Pete is holding onto CNT as some bargaining chip with the City of Savannah. 

Playing politics with public safety is wrong and our community suffers while Pete schemes. Pete refuses to honor the 2003 police merger agreement which calls for CNT to be at theMetropolitan Police Department. The Chamber of Commerce also stands behind the agreement to transfer CNT as outlined in the 03 merger.

Pete wants CNT run by a bureaucrat, the county manager, while the experts say we can accomplish much more in fighting drugs in our schools and community by allowing the merged police department to use this vital tool, CNT, effectively.

Pete is acting like a King when he should be acting like a leader who wants the best for Chatham County. I will work hard to build a consensus on the commission (just like I did in 2002-2005) and we will do what Pete refuses to do.

Playing politics with public safety is bad public policy. Please join me and 4 other candidates as we begin to tell the truth and take a stand for better public policy.



Anonymous said...

"I will work hard to build a consensus on the commission (just like I did in 2002-2005)"
That is an outright LIE! Johnny MAC you are a fraud. Please would you and your barber move back to Calf. You are a better fit for the fantisy land out there.

john mcmasters said...

My barber? Do you mean my wife who is a hairdresser and business owner with 14 employees? Are there are no limits to your insulting self? My sister has a slightly retarded child so will you make fun of them too?

My wife was born and raised in Savannah. She has never interjected herself into my role in politics. Know your boundaries: you can say whatever you like about me but leave the innocents alone.

Never have I said anything about another elected officials family. You are out of line. An apology is in order.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, August 30, 2008
John McMasters Is Running To The Left Of Chatham County Commissioner Pete Liakakis

"Do The Right Thing, Pete" is what John McMaster's full page ad in Friday's Savannah Morning News says and even though the ad is about McMaster's vexation over the whole Counter Narcotics Team working under Chatham County's auspices instead of SCPMD, I can't help but believe that McMasters, maybe subliminally, but maybe not, is being up front about where he's coming from.

I think McMasters is running to the left of Pete Liakakis. Even Chatham County Commissioner Dean Kicklighter (R) seems to think so. From a comment exchange from McMaster's blog:

"I am much more concerned with people who write as if they are the torch barer [sic] of a political party, no matter which party when in fact their record completely differs from their writings. In this case, it is you John, not me or any of the other Republicans currently serving on the Chatham County Commission that’s quoted in the Savannah Morning News expressing support for Barack Obama!"

I saw that quote too and knew right then if McMasters is a Republican like he says he is, he wouldn't cozy up so easily and readily to one of the most left-leaning liberal Democrats to come down the presidential pike since George McGovern. McMasters, in defending his SMN quote to Kicklighter, insinuates that if people don't vote for Barack its because he's black. McMasters even manages to paint Kicklighter and his associates as racists:

"This may send chills through some of your associates, but I have no problem voting for a black candidate."

Well, that's good to know. But I would hope McMasters, as a Republican, would have issue voting for a socialist liberal for any political position, no matter what race that person is. As far as Kicklighter's associates, I can only presume that McMasters means the other Republicans on the Chatham County Commission. If Kicklighter's opinion of McMasters (he calls McMasters a Republicrat) and the Barack quote wasn't enough, there is who McMasters associates himself with on his full page ad. On the bottom of the ad, from left to right are smaller endorsement ads:

Steve Willis. From his bio. At least he's right up front about what he is:

"I chair the Coastal Group Sierra Club, serve on the board of the Center for a Sustainable Coast, and am a member and active supporter of other environmental groups. I was proud to serve as the Democratic Captain for Chatham County's First District in 2006."

Mike Jones. He's throwing his police hat in the ring for Chatham County sheriff but if you look at his website you will find links to Chatham County Democrats and Chatham County Young Democrats. Again, right up front.

Karen Grainey. Looking at her bio, she pretty much wrote it using one of those liberal code word generators. I mean, improving economic justice in our community? What does that REALLY mean?

"We need proactive leadership willing to put forward proposals to solve the difficult problems which face our community and work hard to not only preserve but to also improve our quality of life. I plan to run an issues campaign focusing on the environment, transportation, and improving economic justice in our community. "

David Osborne. Dave is supposedly an independant which could mean just about anything--he picks and chooses his platform from the best of both parties or his platform is so abhorrent that neither party will claim him. If you go to the website address that is listed, it takes you to a DIY home improvement website (which if I think about it, is the most useful link mentioned on this post).

Maybe McMasters is confused about what is typically mean by being a Republican--to me it means believing in and promoting a set of values that is somewhat different from a Democrat. John McMasters is indistinguishable from a Democrat--in his words, his beliefs, and his political associations. John McMasters, a professed Republican, is running to the left of Pete Liakakis, the Demcratic Chatham County Commission Chairman.

If you ever want to see a profile in political cynicism, look no farther than John McMasters.

Anonymous said...

Placing CNT under the command of the metropolitan police is a non-partisan issue. McMaster's is right to seek support from all quarters. Your comments put petty partisanship above sound policies. As to being to the left of Pete Liakakis, I couldn't say. Liakakis has failed to share his ideology (if he has one) with the voting public. At least McMasters has ideas and is willing to share his views.