Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AirTran bids Chatham Farewell: Rice Hope Picks Up

I hated to see yet another economic nail hammered into in the Chatham County coffin. Wal Mart closes down an 800,000 sq ft warehouse while another 150,000 sq ft built for another company will not be opened (SRS) and now AirTran leaves Savannah/Chatham.

The Savannah Morning News is doing a wonderful job of artificially propping up the bad business news by serving up a happy Savannah Port story every 4 days (next port story due day after tomorrow). They have also found another business sector to adulate and it's home builders. Sure, sales are non existent, foreclosures are kicking in and prices are falling so what's a newspaper to do? Yesterday it was Beacon builders novel idea to build smaller homes (that means less green space and more profit). Today the newspaper sort of balances that with a sad story about Rice Hope subdivision (in Kicklighter's district I believe) where so many unsold and foreclosed properties exist that the developer doesn't even bother to cut the grass or maintain the grounds. Give credit to the homeowners who are doing it themselves.

While the good people living and raising their children at Rice Hope spent their weekend cleaning up the builders neglected properties, Lamar Smith (a builder who is developing Parkside neighborhood at Rice Hope) was hosting a breakfast and tour of his newest project for the Greater Savannah Homebuilders Association and local Realtors. As one of the touring Realtors put it, "Long Point, Henderson, Southbridge - all these subdivisions took forever to get off the ground." 

Talk about irony.

Post Post:Thursday 8/21/08

I received an email from Lamar Smith who kindly pointed out that his project at Rice Hope called Park Side is keeping up their end of the bargain and working hard to make a wonderful project work. I could not discern from the SMN article exactly who was responsible for what out at Rice Hope so the confusion was entirely mine. Lamar did agree that there are problems at Rice Hope but they are not within Park Side. I plan on visiting Rice Hope and taking a look for myself. I'll let you what I find.

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