Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Campaign Signs Always Say Something

Team Chatham, (those candidates on the county commission or involved in other races who announced early this year that they would cross party lines and support one another), has one thing in common. No I'm not referring to the obvious special interest connections they share, I'm talking about their political campaign signs.

Liakakis, Gellatly, Stone, Farrell, and St. Lawrence all have 4x4 signs planted announcing their re-election bids but the glaring common denominator is that not a single one of them say what the candidate stands for.  No accomplishments, no idea about key issues, nada nothing. There's a lonely star thrown in here and there to break up the monotony but essentially these 5 candidates evidently have no record they want to herald and no new ideas to offer voters. Pete's signs are the only signs that have a phrase: Proven.   Trusted. I could have fun with substituting two other words but since I'm a gentleman and because politics should always be policy based, I won't go there.

Pat Farrell's signs are big on green and I'm sure that's an Irish illusion because it can't be an environmental choice. No big surprise that Chu's gas stations on Wilmington Island and canopy tree cutting commercial project on Johnny Mercer all have, or will have, large Farrell signs (follow the money, not the sawdust ).

Dave Gellatly's signs say "Re Elect" and that's it. Re elect what? Why Re elect Dave? After 8 years shouldn't you have to have some accomplishment to point to? If the number of nails in campaign signs wins elections, Dave has it made! How about: Hurricane Prepared - that would have at least said something about the candidate.

Miss Helen Stone's signs have the strongest graphics and composition. Plenty of free space there to trot out a few accomplishments but none are seen. Even a simple line like, "I listen" would have been helpful. Or, "E" for Whitefield would have been appropriate.

Sheriff Al St Lawrence's signs take angles to a new height. But that's it. No copy about the new jail, no words of wisdom about prisoner security, just the obligatory "Re Elect" slogan. "Serving Chatham County since the mid 80's" would have done well. Or, What Constitutional Officers want, they get."

Pete Liakakis's signs are also void of accreditation or accomplishments. I thought of several appropriate improvements over "Proven.  Trusted." How about, Raised Taxes Once, Raise Them Again" or, Keep CNT disconnected!  Or, Why Have Impact Fees When We Can Tax Ourselves!

Now I know many of you candidates read my blog and yes I'm poking a little fun at your signs. You can do the same, I can take it. But I want you to know I have no issues with you as people, I respect you and some of you I consider associates. Politics shouldn't be about personalities, it has to be policy driven and policy based.  Read my signs: John McMasters/New Leadership/Better Public Policy/ No New Taxes.  Now let's write some meaningful copy.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the check mark on your signs emphasizing Obama's quote "Yes We Can". Indeed you are a class act.

John McMasters said...

Any similarities are coincidental except of course in your mind. I wasn't aware that Obama is using a check mark in his campaign. What next? Color seems to be an issue with you. Hope and optimism are universal aspirations and expressions of people. You could use a little - all you have to do is aspire to be better, do better and that's easy to do.

Anonymous said...

You are the most self absorbed person this side of John Edwards. Why don't you take your narcissisim back to California where you will fit in with those that are just like you.

john mcmasters said...

What and leave you alone with your xenophobic myopia? Not a chance. We were made for one another.