Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pete Liakakis will raise property taxes (Part 2)

When Lynn Pitts, the Senior Vice President of SEDA (Savannah Economic and Development Authority) says, "I think everyone is aware that the economy has slowed...... we know things are going to improve at some point but how long the slowdown will last is still anyone's guess." it sure makes you wonder how Chatham County will balance the 2009 budget.

Two major companies have changed course about doing business in Chatham County. WalMart is closing down an 800,000 square foot distribution warehouse in SEDA land (Crossroads Business Park) which it has occupied since 2001 and National Retail Systems 147,000 square foot distribution center will not be occupied (Ribbon Cutting ceremonies happened back in February 2008).

Then there's a real estate auction going on this weekend out at Tybee. A failing local real estate market and impending foreclosuers has generated 30 beach properties to be auctioned off to the highest bidders.

The Tax Assessors office has been busy sending out 21 day change of value notices to hundreds of people who have appealed their 2008 values, REDUCING the values. I know because we got two in the mail. Seems the value Chatham County put on the properties this year won't hold up under appeal when sales comps for like properties are compared.

Then of course the State of Georgia last week announced a reduction in money due Chatham County, about $7,000,000.

What this all means is next year's Chatham County budget will be very short on revenue. That means only two things; either we have to cut services or raise property taxes (there's a third choice and that's impact fees on new construction but does anyone really see this commission going against the Chamber of Commerce?) . Sorry to say raising property taxes is what the current commission has done (2005) and will do again next year. It is the hands of one man's vote, Chairman Pete Liakakis.

The vote will come down as a 4/4 split and Pete will have to decide it. I don't think people will be happy after Pete casts his vote. They will open their Georgia Power bill, their grocery expenses will be up, their Chevron/Texaco bill doubled and then there's their Chatham County tax bill. Man, it's going to be ugly.

Pete, you should have put some money aside in the boom years 2004-2007 instead of spending it all. Pete, please explain why Chatham County has LESS in reserve today than when you took office 4 years ago? Why did you support Al St. Lawrence's $110,000,000 jail when the real and accurate cost should have been half that? Voters want to know.


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Pete Liakakis and as a member of the Chatham County Republican Party I can clearly say that Johnny Mac McMuffin is one of the biggest a**holes I have ever met. Once he one that BIG victory, by 10 votes, over Gordon Varnadoe, he acted as if he had received a mandate from the people to change the course of western civilization. Johnny, let's face it you got lucky and a few years later you got your butt kicked when you were thrown out of office. Johnny Mac was born naked into the world and inherited everything he owns.
VOTE LIAKAKIS! and send Johnny Mac packing back to Calf.

John McMasters said...

Notice how some people never have an original thought? Notice how this person doesn't speak to anything I have posted on this blog? I wonder why he/she bothers to belong to the chatham county republican party?

I know I'm not going to change the western world but the state of chatham is another thing. Johnny Mac isn't going to be packing his bags real soon.

Maybe you should meet Ralph Reed, he's another winner from the republican party like you. I don't believe we have ever met, I would remember you.

Anonymous said...

With all this talk of party politics it is nice to know one individual that can truly cross party lines and bring everyone together... Pete Liakakis.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertaian or Independent vote for a man that represents ALL citizens of Chatham County.


john mcmasters said...

Hello Pete welcome to my blog.

Pete you can't be all things to all people, it isn't believable or possible. Fixing pot holes and doing small favors does not a leader make.

You have little imagination and less good public policy to show for your 4 years as chairman. The tax allocations district you supported for the area surrounding Savannah River landing was nothing more than corporate welfare. You raised taxes and then protest it was my fault?

Will you vote again, or not, to raise taxes next year? I promise not to, what's your answer?

John McMasters

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I must admit that when I first met Pete Liakakis that he seemed to me to be an arrogant ass but this was some 45 years ago.

He attended my sister's wedding at the old DeSota along with John Rousakis around the time that Rousakis was about to run or had just ran for the County Commission.

Since then however I believe that Liakakis has matured quite a bit not only as a public figure but as a person.

I now see Liakakis quite differently then when I first met him and apparently differently then how McMasters sees him.

I too will give my vote to Pete.

john mcmasters said...

You know cutting and pasting comments from another site lacks imagination. It means you can't think original thoughts for yourself. And then to do it anonymously is really weak. I enjoy every post because it means things really must change. Why don't you really get something going and forward my site to as many people as possible? Dare ya, double dare ya.

Anonymous said...


When you are elected, exactly what are you going to differently and what is your strategy to accomplish same?

Anonymous said...

What a douche bag!

Anonymous said...

"Pete has matured quite a bit" - that has to be the biggest understatement of the century! The guy is pushin 80! Some real nasty people are posting here, why such hate?

John McMasters said...

To answer the post about what I would do differently than Pete Liakakis in regards to public policy for Chatham County, I would say please read the some 22 blog posts on this site because you will know that I support impact fees on new construction (Pete doesn't), I support following the 2003 Police Merger and moving CNT, the Counter Narcotics Team, to the Metropolitan Police Department (Pete doesn't), I support curbside recycling and tree protection for unincorporated Chatham County (Pete doesn't), I won't raise property taxes (Pete raised them in 05 and will surely do so again next year), I have doubts about widening DeRenne because the people who live in the corridor don't want it widened (Pete supports the widening because the businesses want it), and I believe we have to invest in our mass transit system and that includes new management.

One other thing, I believe the MPC in grossly imbalanced towards builder interests and against citizens and quality of life issues. I don't believe you can pave your way out of congestion, Pete Liakakis does.

Thanks for asking.

John McMasters

Anonymous said...

This isn't hateful so don't take it that way. Liakakis is OLDER than John McMain. Does age matter? Some think so, older people less so.