Thursday, August 21, 2008

Congratulations City of Savannah - Hello Chatham County

The City of Savannah has shown strong leadership with its' environmental policies. The goals are there and so is the commitment to actually do it. I am very proud and want to thank the council members for their leadership. The ideas coming out of the city should illustrate to the county commission you can take action and move ahead without endless study groups (CEF) and idle rhetoric.

There are many candidates this county election cycle who have sound principal and smart ideas for a cleaner and better Chatham County. It takes better public policy to change how government works and does things and the city of Savannah is now a role model for all of Chatham County. 

Curbside recycling is just a start, the city has so much more on their to do list. Chatham County thinks somehow the county is different from the city - they are wrong. People want curbside recycling, bike paths, sidewalks, canopy tree protection and reduced carbon emissions.

Pay attention to the discussion coming in September and October from the many candidates who are running on positive and inspiring issues and ideas. You will be impressed and delighted by new views and new strengths.

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