Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Boardwalk Along Abercorn Street

Abercorn Street. It is a long road that starts on Bay Street and ends in another county. Savannah's two major shopping malls are situated along this street and there are hundreds of businesses which are adjacent Abercorn or one or two streets away. Places like Fresh Market, Publix, Garden State Tile, John B. Rourke, Mid Town Deli and so on.

I travel this street every day by car. I live only 3 miles away from the stores I just listed and yet if I wanted to ride my bike (save some money, pollute less) I would be taking a very circuitous route to get there (safety is my concern).

Let's say I wanted to walk there. Once out of the historic district, there isn't a sidewalk to be found.

What should be clear to everyone is that we have not planned our county's pedestrian and bicycle access very well. We built everything around our automobiles. I understand that but it is time to correct this.

I will champion the design and construction of a wide bicycle and walking path that will enable people to safely transit through Mid Town and the Southside from anywhere along Abercorn. It will be lighted. It will be protected and I am sure it will be well received and an added benefit to thousands of tax payers.

Think of Santa Monica's boardwalk where people walk, skate, ride and roll all the way up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. What a concept. We can do it.


Anonymous said...

How about McMasters support of Obama?
Submitted by dewberry on Wed, 2008-06-21

John McMasters was promoting Obama earlier this year just in time for the election. Now he expects to win the support of the local Republicans? McMasters has already cost the city of Savannah more than a million dollars towards his recycling initiative which will end in complete failure only after dragging Chatham County down the same road and costing the tax payers millions upon millions of dollars. How does this all add up?

James Dewberry

Anonymous said...

1). Mr. Dewberry is taking a short-sighted stance on Curbside Recycling in Savannah and Chatham County... He should get his facts straight.

2). Ask the current "Team" of Commissioners if it's okay to back someone from another party - see what they say.

Anonymous said...

what has Dewberry done yet to achieve a better government and better public policy? i am pretty sure an answer to a problem is better than no answer. I am willing to put my tax dollars to recycling but it hasn't cost a dime of taxes yet.

So Berry, whats your answer to the recycling problem? because if it cost us less than what McMasters has cost us (btw, that is $0.00 of tax dollars), you have my vote!