Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dewberry Ducks Out on Candidate Forum

Two weeks ago my opponent, James Dewberry, agreed to a candidate forum on July 8, on Whitemarsh Island at the Frank Murray Community Center. Now he has backed out. Worse, he states in a blog posting on that he never accepted the invitation to this event. 

According to the president of the Sierra Club Coastal Group, Steve Willis, Dewberry agreed to attend and participate as a candidate during a phone call over two weeks ago that Willis made to Dewberry inviting him to the event. 

I received a call from Willis also inviting me to participate at the event and I was told by Willis that Dewberry agreed to be there as a candidate. I accepted and I will be there on July 8 to answers questions and discuss my own environmental public policy ideas.

I don't know who is advising James Dewberry. More often than not, he has a strange view on the issues so I think he marches to his own drummer. For example, he calls Starbucks, "Starboogers." Or, if you disagree with James Dewberry, he calls you a "dumb - dumb". His two favorite words which he uses freely to counter anyone who disagrees with him are, "idiot" and "fool." He routinely insults people with his weird choice of words. During the city elections last Fall, he said nothing about saving the city's resource recovery facility (the incinerator) and did not oppose curbside recycling. Now that he is running for Chairman of the County Commission, he believes burning our trash and recyclables is better than recycling.

In light of Dewberry's routine flip flops and bizarre nature, it does not surprise me that he folds and backs out of a commitment. There is much to be discussed in this election and voters need to know about the candidates and where they stand on important public policy issues. As a Republican candidate for Chairman of the County Commission, I welcome questions from all community groups including the Sierra Club. 

With regard to better environmental policy for Chatham County I support:

• Curbside recycling for unincorporated Chatham County residents

• Phasing the CAT bus fleet from diesel to natural gas

• Developing local policy to encourage more fuel efficient vehicles in both the           county fleet and within the public sector

• An ordinance to require a minimum level of project L.E.E.D.'s certification in the   design and construction of all new hotels and all county building projects


Anonymous said...

While McMasters lurked behind his online identity of the female "oh yea" for more than a month, it was McMasters need to defend his decision to pander to the liberal environmental wacko Sierra Club which brought him out of his hiding. "I think he (McMasters) is an environmental wacko," James Dewberry said.

The Sierra Club has a long history of environmental wacko dealings which include curbside recycling, protests and lawsuits against securing our borders from illegal aliens, protests and criticisms against drilling for oil within the borders of the US and filing lawsuits against energy companies, industries, and even government bodies of these United States. "I think they are a bunch of no good wackos," James Dewberry said.

Questions remain unanswered as to why McMasters is in bed with the environmental wackos and why he labels himself a woman when it is believed he is not. One thing that is for sure, many question his motives and what credentials he claims to still be called a Republican.

John McMasters said...

I am leaving this rant up so everyone can see first hand what happens when Chairman Richard Kimble and James Dewberry get together. Nice people don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

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ESTÚPIDO SAVANNAH - Thursday, July 17, 2008 10:36:25 AM
Jul 17, 2008 at 10:36 AM Seriously… I mean… Seriously?

We are still dealing with this crap.

“The recycling initiative stems from citizen-driven efforts and petitions to implement such a program. A recent petition drive with more than 10,000 signatures was dropped when the mayor and the City Council approved a policy statement in December pledging to create a recycling program by January 2009.”

Recyclechick and Trashlad: THE MOVIENot True!

Savannah City Council started working on a comprehensive recycling plan a full year before the first petition. Curbside Recycling was part of that plan.

Before the first petition, money was budgeted for a curbside recycling plan.

The policy statement was simply to reinforce what council was already doing but not getting credit for. The dropping of the petition was to save face after fewer than 5000 people signed the petition. (BTW the petition to date, 9 months after they dropped it, has fewer than 7000 signers online)

I wonder if this reporter saw the signatures on the petition. Mr. Larson never made them available for public consumption.

To my knowledge no one has seen the actual signatures, a simple survey of the online version showed a significant number of signers were not City of Savannah residents.

According to today’s article all taxpayers and renters are will pay for more than $800 thousand of the annual cost of this program. This bill is courtesy of about 3% of the people who actually want curbside service.

I won’t even get into the fact that recycling does nothing to help the environment and is simply a feel good program for people too lazy to compost and do the other things to reduce their own waste and consumption.

john mcmasters said...


I have a copy of each petition page with all the signatures. If you would like to see them I will show them to you.

We considered making an art project from the petition pages, local artist Eric Woodell was possibly going to handle that but we have not moved ahead on it just yet.

The idea was to display the work around town to show the power of people when they use their constitutional rights to directly effect public policy. I imagine it would serve to quiet doubters like you and to educate and encourage others to consider using the constitution to shape public policy.

If I show you the pages, I want you to apologize and state that you were misinformed. Email me at to arrange things.

If you chose to reject my offer, you should be honest and write that you were given the opportunity to confirm the petition pages but couldn't bring yourself to do it (for whatever reason).

John McMasters

John McMasters said...


it's been 2 days since I offered to show you the ground petitions for curbside recycling. Where are you? anyone else who doubts is welcome to view them. any takers?

John McMasters

John McMasters said...

Hey, it's going on 6 days since I offered to show you the ground petition signatures that caused the city to adopt curbside recycling as an ordinance. I do agree that they were working on the concept though the petition is what motivated them to deliver the real deal.

In the words of one of our community luminaries, "The last thing we want is to have citizens involved in public policy." Yea well, sorry about that.

John McMasters

John McMasters said...

One week later and no interest in setting to rest your concerns about the recycling petition pages/signatures?

You're toast and you know it. Next time you make a stupid claim, be a little more available.