Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reassessments = Big Bucks

Did you get your reassessment notice from Chatham County? We did and one property (4 unit rental) was increased 40%. The 2007 value was $331,500, the new 2008 value is $554,500. The math is quite simple:

New City, County, and School annual increase in taxes (above last year's) is $3,768

Monthly property tax increase is $314

Divided by 4 apartments is $78 extra property tax per month

So the average apartment rental monthly rate before the County's new higher value was $800. Now it will become $878

I ask you, who is driving up the cost in the rental housing market? Specifically it is the Board of Assessors and indirectly it's Pete Liakakis because Pete is the Chairman and he and the commissioners appoint the 5 members of the BOA. 

Forget that the property value is set above fair market value, disregard the fact that the Savannah real estate market has been totally FLAT over the last 12 months, don't begin considering the $54,000,000 Savannah River Landing Tax Allocation district Pete Liakakis supported and got passed and please don't ask Pete why the size and cost of Chatham County has mushroomed under his term.

The facts speak for themselves. Pete Liakakis has not made more bike lanes and bike paths a priority. He has done nothing but ignore our CAT system (declining ridership increasing costs) and as to possibly supporting curbside recycling for unincorporated Chatham County he doesn't like the idea. Why? No money for it. 

Pete, if you are reading this please reread the first paragraph. You have a lot more money from me and many others. Where's it going Pete?


Anonymous said...

While McMasters lurked behind his online identity of the female "oh yea" for more than a month, it was McMasters need to defend his decision to pander to the liberal environmental wacko Sierra Club which brought him out of his hiding. "I think he (McMasters) is an environmental wacko," James Dewberry said.

The Sierra Club has a long history of environmental wacko dealings which include curbside recycling, protests and lawsuits against securing our borders from illegal aliens, protests and criticisms against drilling for oil within the borders of the US and filing lawsuits against energy companies, industries, and even government bodies of these United States. "I think they are a bunch of no good wackos," James Dewberry said.

Questions remain unanswered as to why McMasters is in bed with the environmental wackos and why he labels himself a woman when it is believed he is not. One thing that is for sure, many question his motives and what credentials he claims to still be called a Republican.

John McMasters said...

I'm leaving this post up for all to see what a nut some people are. Pity that we must suffer fools, some bigger than others but fools none the less.

I guess this person thinks you can't be a republican and be in favor of curbside recycling or any resource management policy that saves energy and reduces pollution. Very sad.

Such thinking is like that of Germany around say 1939. Would someone please tell Dewberry his shirts are ready at the laundry?

John McMasters