Thursday, October 30, 2008

Odd Endorsements: In The Year Of Obama, Certain Black Churches Going Republican

When a group of ministers come together to make political endorsements is God listening? Maybe, but it's hard to know for sure. When ministers come together and insert themselves into politics as a PAC, I imagine God disapprovingly wags his finger: Render unto Cesar that which belongs to Cesar, and leave that which belongs to God, unto God.

Did you know that under the "leadership" of Reverend Bennie Mitchell from Conners Temple a group called The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (The IMA) hands out political endorsements each election cycle? Yup, purportedly for the right amount of "divine contribution" a group of Black ministers will endorse your campaign. 

This year these holy men did not screen all candidates before making their endorsements. They did not interview Karen Grainey  (D) Candidate for the 6th district county commission, Steve Willis (D) 1st district county commission, Gerald Freedman (D) 4th district county commission, or myself (R) chairman county commission. But they have endorsed all republicans (myself excluded).

Remember 4 years ago when this group endorsed Pete Liakakis over Otis Johnson, Mayor Johnson offered these famous words: "Is the Black community for sale?"

You heard similar comments from Tony Center and others who wouldn't pony up and were not endorsed by the IMA. 

This year the IMA endorses Democrat Barack Obama for president, Democrat Jim Martin for US Senate, Democrat John Barrow for Congress, and Democrat Bill Gillespie for Congress. But locally the IMA has turned Republican. What? That's right, the IMA endorses Republican Helen Stone, Republican Pat Farrell, Republican Dave Gellatly, and 'FoRepublican' Pete Liakakis.

Not one of these local Republicans is supporting Barack Obama, they all support Republicans John McCain, Saxby Chambliss, Jack Kingston, and John Stone.

My, my, that's odd. One wonders how the good ministers will explain this obvious contradiction to their parishioners? That should be real interesting. I imagine every once in while they struggle with their Sunday sermon message but this is going to be really difficult.

The title of the Sundays sermon could easily be, Buy one, get three free.

I have received calls from 2 ministers who assured me that the IMA does not speak for all ministers and that what the IMA does is disgraceful. Amen.


Anonymous said...

You sir are a racist.

Why do you assume all blacks are Democrats? Why do you assume the black Pastors come together and choose leaders some of whom are white?

In your prejudiced views do you not believe they can choose for themselves?

So what if their views for the best candidate happens to be Republican?

John, you are stereotyping and obviously a racist. It is apalling you assume others cant think for themselves. Also, it is obvious your lack of votes mirrors your lack of respect in this community.

John McMasters said...

and you sir/madam are wrong. you sir/madam make no sense.

"So what if their views for the best candidate happens to be Republican?" Now that's a perfectly fine premise however when any objective person understands that the IMA DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO SCREEN (that means speak with, listen to, or dialog with) any of the opponents in 4 commission races, now that's down right unbelievable.

What's more incredible is your defense of such a practice as somehow appropriate. What is sad is your infantile and transparent attempt to turn this into a a race charge against me.

You sir/madam do damage to our community with such innuendo. Please stop it. There was no racial component to my observation until you fabricated one.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for having the courage to expose something which should be a huge embarrassment for a group of ministers who claim to be acting in the best interests of their congregations. I think that the people who rely on their recommendations as to whom to vote for deserve to know that these endorsements are for sale and therefore meaningless. Personally, I think all endorsements should be viewed with suspicion and that people should think for themselves instead of relying on authority figures to tell them who to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Why won't you file your disclosure statements? You have proven yourself to be the biggest A_HOLE to ever enter the political arena and now it's time for you crawl back under the rock that the you crawled out from. Here's some advice...FU!

john McMasters said...

I just wanted to be sure I got some coverage from the SMN, you know they did more inches on my late filings than they did on the issues facing the county.

Do you really think anonymous rants like yours have any impact me? Think again. Thanks though for helping keep my blog at the top of the search engines, you're the best.


Anonymous said...

Time for this three time loser to fold his tent and crawl back under his rock. What an A-- Hole.

john mcmasters said...

You know that's not going to happen, keep posting though, you are a riot!


PS Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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