Wednesday, May 28, 2008

P.S. An Appropriate Day To Reflect On The Need For Mass Transit

What in the world was up with traffic in Savannah today? Something was fouled up on Bay Street as all cars and TRUCK (as in SEMI-TRUCKS) were being funneled off of Bay and down Price Street. I watched a dozen big rigs just about jackknife trying to negotiate the east turn down Broughton Street. None were able to make it. Same deal for the big rigs at Oglethorpe.

At around noon I was driving to WTOC off Chatham Parkway (nice new traffic light by the way and zero trees lost) only to find I16 East bound totally stopped. All vehicles were being diverted off at Chatham Parkway to who knows where. Later this afternoon I ran out to the southside and Abercorn was messed up (orange cones everywhere) and traffic was miserably bad, worse than the normal Abercorn bad. (Just wait until the Truman Parkway dumps into Abercorn at Home Depot!)

I thought about how nice it would be to have some form of mass transit in place in Chatham County. You know like the Green Line, or Bart, or Marta? We had better start thinking about a light rail metro type line that would speed across the county in both an east west line, and a north south line. If this were a reality instead of a concept, this mornings headline, "Derenne Study Underway" wouldn't have been printed.

For the pessimists out there, what was happening today on our streets will be commonplace before you know it. Think about it, $4 a gallon gas, hours just wasted idling in traffic. To know that this County Commission hasn't even paid attention to our small and limited CAT bus system, is not very reassuring. In fact, it is another example of the limited vision and substandard work product of the TEAM COMMISSION over the past 3.5 years. What exactly have they done besides exalt one another?

I guess you can call the Chairman anytime, at least he says you can, but don't ask for more than a pothole fix because anything beyond that would be idle dreaming.

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